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eBay FAQ


Do you have an eBay store?

Yes, we do. You may visit our eBay store by clicking here.

How do I inquire about an order I made from you through eBay?

You may access the eBay "Contact Seller" form here. You will have an option to select the item you have a question about using the drop-down menu on this form.

Why are some of your prices lower on your website than on eBay?

We are not required to pay high eBay fees on our website, so are able to offer many items on our website at discounted prices.

Why can't you ship to the UK and some other countries on eBay?

Delivery to the UK and some other countries tends to take longer than usual due to Customs and postal carrier delays. This causes problems with the eBay system. However, we are able to take orders from the UK and most other countries on this site.